My son lost his front tooth and the one that is growing in looks like a baby tooth, so is it possible for kids to get more then one set of baby teeth?

No. Children only have one set of twenty primary (baby) teeth.

Perhaps the tooth that is growing in has not yet fully erupted, so you are unable to see it as a full adult tooth. Give it some time to grow in.

Be sure to consult with a dentist for professional medical and dental advice.

(see Human Teeth)

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Comment of A.P.:
Not true. My son lost a baby tooth at 4.5 years old. Another tooth ... show morestarted to grow it and after viewing the x-rays, the dentist said it was in fact a second baby tooth. He only had the one extra baby tooth. The dentist said this has happened to some children before, and that it should be pushed out by the permanent tooth later.
Added at: 2007-12-08 02:05

Comment of Lisa:
YES IT IS POSSIBLE! I lost a front baby tooth when I was about 7 and ... show morethe one that grew in looked like a fang, similar to a canine tooth. X rays showed the adult tooth was behind this one and its a very rare thing (can't remember the technical term for this kind of thing when you actually have 3 teeth for one space). I had to have it removed and then the adult tooth grew in. You need to go see a dentist about this and make sure this is what he has. Good luck!
Added at: 2008-07-09 03:05

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