How many sq. ft. is 37 inches? How do I convert inches into sq. ft?

You don't. Inches is a measure of length, whereas square feet is a measure of area. One dimension versus two.

1 square foot = 144 square inches

(see Conversions)

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Comment of Sally:
wtf yes you can. n uhh so what u mean to say is Inches measure length ... show morewhile Sq. Feet measures area(LxW). Remember in elementary when they would teach you how to measure the AREA or the perimeter of space?? well yea... So to convert inches to sq. ft. first you have to (ill explain in detail) convert inches to ft. Thers 12in per Foot so 37in = 3.08Ft (you have to divide the remaining inch by 12 to figure out the decimal value). Now Multiply that by the width of the area [(supposing the 37in was the Lenght) and (remember, it also has to be converted to ft first)]. And voila, you get your sq. feet. i figured this all out by myself just by playin around with the conversion chart. so ????
Added at: 2008-06-05 14:09